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10 Best free iPad games we want to see

A new report from Flurry Analytics shows that iPad applications developers focus on iPad game development. Although the device is compatible with the vast majority of existing App Store content, the iPad’s larger screen has led many developers to look at reworking apps for the platform. Apple iPad is now seen as the next great  portable video game device.

Well, just because an iPhone game is popular doesn’t mean it will look and feel right on the iPad. Here are 10 best free games that would look and play great on the iPad.

Best free iPad games 1 – Space Deadbeef
Despite its obscure title, this is an arcade quality shmup with some outstanding core gameplay mechanics. The iPhone world is waiting excitedly for the developer to expand this into a full, exhilarating shoot-’em-up.

Best free iPad games 2 – Fleet Air Superiority Training
A jet fighter flight sim that rivals anything seen on the PC, and recently went free with the option of in-app purchases for new planes and missions. Intense and complex, but immensely impressive.

Best free iPad games 3 – Skies of Glory
A World War II edition of F.A.S.T., packing in all the intricacies of flying those basic yet highly manoeuvrable aircraft against the German war machine. Also uses in-app purchases, but the core free game has a lot to offer.

Best free iPad games 4 – Eliminate Pro
Since the App Store launched developers have been fighting to deliver the ultimate online multiplayer shooter experience. Although it demands you follow the in-app purchases to get deeply involved, this is a great example of intense online iPhone FPS gaming.

Best free iPad games 5 – SEED
If an old skool, explorative RPG sounds appealing, SEED provides everything you could want from exotic manga artwork to hundreds of characters, missions and skills in a fleshed-out fantasy world.

Best free iPad games 6 – Real Racing GTI
Rather than just give away a Lite version of its astonishingly impressive racing game, Firemint teamed up with Volkswagen to deliver a small, but complete driving game that rivals anything in this App Store genre – including full price games.

Best free iPad games 7 – TouchPets Dogs
The evolution of the cyber pet has never been as complete or entertaining as TouchPets, and is a great way to give someone a pet for Christmas without feeling guilty.

Best free iPad games 8 – Spider: Hornet Smash
Spider is one of the most innovative and popular games on the App Store, and this free arcade spin-off provides all the spills and thrills of the explorative insect games as you spin webs and pounce on hornets.

Best free iPad games 9 – Waterslide Extreme
Although you’d be forgiven for thinking a game branded by a bank would be one big, dreadful advert, this unique racing game proves that a bit of corporate funding can make for some superb freebie gaming.

Best free iPad games 10 – iFarm
Online virtual farming has become a global phenomenon, with millions upon millions of players taking to the digital fields. This free iPhone take on the concept provides plenty of depth and lots of fresh earth for you to be productive in.