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26% of HTML5 web video is now iPad-ready

One of the most hotly contested battles in the Flash-versus-HTML5, Apple-versus-Adobe, out-and-out war has been staged around the issue of online video. Flash content — including videos — can’t and won’t be displayed on devices such as iPhones and iPads. Even web experts who don’t particularly care about Apple devices are keen on HTML5 as a more “open” standard than Flash for online content.

A new study from MeFeedia, an independent video website, indexed content from around 30,000 providers, including Hulu, Vimeo, DailyMotion and YouTube. What MeFeedia found is that currently, just 26% of all online video supports HTML5. While certain online-only outlets seem to be handling HTML5 formats very well, news and network TV are lagging in their support of HTML5.

The results of the latest Mefeedia survey were posted Thursday. Here’s the takeaway:

  • 26% of all video is now available in H.264, up from 10% in January
  • Most sites that support HTML5 will detect iPad users and switch to an HTML5-compatible format
  • News stories are a mixed bag. New ones are mostly available in HTML5, but most of the older content has note yet been re-encoded

The number doesn’t look too promising, certainly there is a lot of work to be done before HTML5 video is a viable option. Still, this number has seen a huge rise since just a few months ago. In January 2010, only ten percent of online videos were encoded in an HTML5-friendly format. However, just because the video is encoded with H.264 or other compatible codecs, it doesn’t mean that 26 percent of the world’s videos are streamed with HTML5 players, as Flash supports H.264 as well. What’s more, plenty of browsers that do support HTML5 don’t support H.264.

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