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5 Amazing iPad Apps for Baseball Fans

The 2010 Major League Baseball season has begun, and it promises to be more iPad-friendly than any season before. If you’re the proud owner of a new iPad, you’re going to need a few good apps to keep you updated and entertained throughout the season. So in honor of the start of a fun few months of major league broadcasts and stadiums packed with fan jerseys and dedication in the form of body paint, we bring you our picks for the 5 amazing iPad apps for every baseball fan. Let’s play some ball!

Price: FREE

You thought Twitter was great for live sporting events? Venuing picks up where the little birdie leaves off by creating a community center for fans attending the same games at the same stadiums. Available for certain baseball teams right now (Yankees, Mets, Boston Red Sox, Phillies), Venuing lets users communicate with each other as they sit and watch the same games, identifying themselves by their seat location and username. Debate a bad call by an umpire, comment on that lackluster past inning, or just commiserate with other fans about your team’s persistent losing streak.

MLB World Series 2010
Price: $6.99

The MLB’s official game for the iPad is chock full of content and fun, with complete, updated rosters to choose your players from and some fairly cool 3D animations. Swing away in either regular game mode or World Series mode, if you’re a big-hitter.

FanGraphs Baseball
Price: $2.99
If you’re the type of fan that can rattle off ground ball to fly ball ratios and stolen base percentages like Rain Man reciting phone numbers, then quite simply you will love this app. Claiming to offer the most detailed player statistics available on an iPad app, FanGraphs will let you look back and analyze every major player in baseball history, as well as look forward with live win probability graphs based on game data for the 2010 season.

Ballpark Envi
Price: $0.99
It could be argued that the stadium is as much a character in baseball as the opposing teams or the crowd. A celebration of the nation’s ballparks is offered in one neat little app — Ballpark Envi — spanning baseball’s geography as well as its history from Shibe Park to the new Yankee Stadium. Browsable by team, or by American and National League, every current Major League baseball stadium is detailed with stadium pics and slide shows, seating charts (super useful for booking tickets) as well as the ability to see the park’s location on a map.

iScore Baseball Scorekeeper
Price: $9.99

Lastly, for the aspiring sports stars and dedicated sideline parents and supporters, you need to be able to (accurately) keep score of your superstar’s team during the game. A regular scorebook will cost you a good $10, so why not save the paper and just go the iPhone route? The iScore Baseball app has a slick interface that lets you easily track each play of the game while amping up the fun in the display. Create and save rosters of the team, keep your Twitter followers up-to-date by enabling Tweets of the game plays, and then compile stats from the game and send out in several different formats (HTML, Excel, CSV). For an iPhone app, it’s nothing less than professional.

Those are our picks for this season. Let us know your baseball-related iPad Market finds in the comments.