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5 best iPad cases to keep your iPad protected

You just got your iPad, but now you are worried about protecting it and making sure that big screen doesn’t get scratched when it’s in the bottom of your bag or floating around the house.

With so many iPad cases available on the market, this isn’t a definitive guide to every one, but really these best iPad cases below we think stand out from the crowd and that more importantly you should check out.

Best iPad Case 1 – Griffin Elan Passport for iPad

If you’re looking to disguise your iPad when you turn up to a business meeting or Starbucks this is one to consider.

The Elan Passport will protect your screen and case in transit, it comes with a side pouch for business cards and doesn’t involve you having to put the case somewhere when not in use. The catch however is that the little leather straps that hold the iPad in place block most of the controls.

Price: $49.99, Where: griffintechnology.com

Best iPad Case 2 – LaCie Vegetal

Another non dedicated iPad case, but worth a mention as not only is it well made, but it’s also made from vegetables.

Rather than a mix of peas and carrots that actually means linen, bamboo and soya, and if that wasn’t enough for the eco shopper in you, LaCie promises that it’s been made locally to reduce transport costs, and is washable at 30 degrees. Protection is provided by memory foam.

Price: £25.99, Where: lacie.com

Best iPad Case 3 – Happy Owl Studio The Clutch

Happy Owl’s approach here is that you’ll want more to a case than just something that protects your iPad.

There are pockets for cash and change, credit cards, business cards, pens, a stylus, a passport and a mobile phone. Plus, you’ll still have room in the larger pocket for your lipgloss, MiFi, keys and more. The only problem is, if you lose it you really will be in trouble.

Price: $64.99, Where: happyowlstudio.com

Best iPad Cases 4 – The reader sleeve for iPad and Kindle by Byrd & Belle

Made from 100 per cent wool felt, the reader sleeve is simple in its design.

Made from a 1/8-inch thick felted wool offering great protection for your iPad or Kindle you get a hand-dyed leather strap that is riveted on the back and snaps in the front to stop your new toy falling out.

Price: $48, Where: byrdandbelle.com

Best iPad Case 5 – Hard Candy KickStand

While some case makers suggest you prop the iPad up at the right angle by using a rock or something else lying around, the KickStand from case maker Hard Candy comes with its own hidden support that flip out for an optimally ergonomic typing and viewing angle.

Made from a lightweight polycarbonate body it promises to offer a tough case to protect the goods. And don’t panic. It comes in plenty of other colours other than bright-in-your face-look-what-I’ve-got pink.

Price: $59.99, Where: hardcandycases.com