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5 Reasons the iPad is Better than iPhone 4

I came up with this list while answering the question, “What makes an iPad better than iPhone 4?” well, here are the 5 reasons the iPad is better than my iPhone 4:

  • Battery life: The biggie. The iPhone 4, like old 3GS, still has problems at the end of the day, making us take actions to conserve our usage. The iPad defies attempts to drain its battery; we can’t even imagine how we could get it to drain completely in a single day short of playing videos and watch DVDs nonstop.  Even if only a 30 percent charge remains, that’s usually more than enough for some basic e-reading and light e-mail over a full work day.
  • Screen size (dpi notwithstanding): The iPad still has a greater pixel resolution than the iPhone 4 (1,024×768 vs. 960×640), even if its dots-per-square-inch pales in comparison. Text does seem fuzzy now in comparison with the iPhone 4, but videos and pictures still look better to me. I’d rather watch Hulu or YouTube videos on iPad than on iPhone.
  • Multiple panes for e-mail and other programs: Even without iOS 4, the iPad’s pane-splitting tricks make e-mail management and browsing far superior to the scroll-list method the iPhone still employs. We”d rather be able to read an e-mail and see other e-mail headers without having to swipe back and forth.
  • Writing: Either with the onscreen keyboard or via a Bluetooth keyboard, writing on an iPad is feasible. It isn’t so much on the iPhone, beyond basic note-taking.
  • Digital magazines, PDFs, and e-reading.: Chalk it up to the screen size or a lack of Retina Display support, but the iPad’s still the place to go for any digital publication, including a wide variety of admittedly overpriced magazines and surprisingly robust PDF readers. The iPhone 4 is technically capable with its A4 processor and similar specs, but that tiny screen will always make it harder. And, despite the impressively fine dpi on the iPhone, a 9.7-inch display is simply easier on the eyes in most instances.