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6 best iPad games for gamers

So you’ve got an iPad, and now you want to play some games on it because your PSP and Nintendo DSi are so. We’ve scoured the 3500 dedicated iPad apps to bring you what we think are the best iPad games available to get you started if you want to drive fast, kill people and generally challenge yourself to more than just coming up with the best triple word score.

We’ve tried, tested and reviewed all the best iPad games below ourselves, rather than just guessing whether they are good or not. Yes these are games, and yes they will push you to the limit.

Best iPad Game 1 – Hero of Sparta HD

If you’re looking for a game to impress your mates with and show them that you’ve now got a device that is as good as a PSP or DSi when it comes to graphics, Hero of Sparta HD is probably one of the games to do it with.

Set to a backdrop of ancient Rome and Sparta, you play King Argos (nothing to do with the shop) a Spartan hero who’s unafraid of defying the gods. That means you’ve got goblins, monsters, scorpions and a stack lot more to hack and slash your way through.

Price £3.99 / $6.99 Rating 9/10

Best iPad Game 2 – Pinball HD

Yep – it’s the classic pinball machine re-jigged for the iPad. You’ll get three pinball tables to begin with – Wild West, The Deep, and The Jungle, with the option to buy more tables from the app store when and if you want.

The game play is incredibly simple with two views available to suit your gaming style. You can either choose to follow the ball around the table or have the table zoomed out so it’s the size of your iPad screen (either landscape or portrait). Tapping the screen flaps your paddles while two thumbs swiping upwards changes the view. Whichever view point you opt for Pinball HD is not only addictive, but also great fun too.

Price £1.79 / $2.99 Rating 9/10

Best iPad Game 3 – Asphalt 5 HD

You either like racing games or you don’t. Still, if you do then you need to check out Asphalt 5, the alternative to EA’s Need For Speed.

Here you get to dive into the action straight away with a quick race, play a single race where you can opt to choose your track, or if you are feeling confident opt for a career mode.

Price £3.99 / $6.99 Rating 8/10

Best iPad Game 4 – Brothers In Arms 2 Global Front HD

So you’re a First Person Shooter kinda player, then you’ll be wanting to download Brothers In Arms 2 for the iPad.

With everything controlled via the touchscreen interface – moving, seeing, crouching, shooting and grenade throwing, controls aren’t easy and you should be prepared to use all your fingers in one massive multi-touch experiment to get anywhere with this game. That might put you off, but if it doesn’t then you will get a game that is akin to something on the PC, albeit with AI that’s not as clever.

Still if you like reliving the battles of the Second World War this is one to set your sights on.

Price £4.99 / $4.99 Rating 8/10

Best iPad Game 5 –  Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD

If Brothers In Arms 2 is all about fighting off the evil axis then N.O.V.A is about fighting killer robots and alien hordes since, as you might of guessed, it’s set in the future.

Standing for Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance (of course) a marine ship that went missing has suddenly reappeared and you’ve been tasked with the job of boarding it and stopping it crashing into the N.O.V.A and killing thousands (actually probably only a handful) of people.

Price £3.99 / $6.99 Rating 8/10

Best iPad Game 6 – Let’s Golf HD

While your kids are probably going to be trying every excuse under the sun to take your new iPad off you, if you manage to resist, and you have a penchant to a round of golf then you’ll probably want to download Let’s Golf HD.

It’s not real golf of course, but cute golf with crazy Japanese-styled characters that jump for joy when you get a birdie.

Rather than just offer one or two courses, you get a good handful and the courses offer you the chance to play holes 1 – 9, holes 10 – 18, all 18 holes, or a random shuffle of just 9.

Price £2.99 / $4.99 Rating 8/10