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6 Cool Things for iPad Movie Lovers to Do

What are the 6 cool things for movies lovers to do on iPad? When you get your own iPad, you can make everything as you like. For movie lovers, iPad can be the best news. It provides movies lovers the best experience to enjoy wonderful movies with the bigger cool screen. If you just a movie lover, you can read to know what are the cool things that other movie lovers do with their iPad. Mainly, there are 6 cool things for movies lovers to do on iPad.

1. Watch Free Movies via Netflix

Not want to pay $10 on iTunes for your movies? How about a Netflix application that connects you wirelessly to Netflix Watch Instantly? You will feel in love with this service for a while as most users. What a good idea to get this Netflix free app for movie lovers from App Store.

2. Watch Whole Movies via iTunes

iPad is a bigger portable DVD player. One of the advantages is you can get more movies to watch on your iPad from iTunes. No matter what size of your favorite movie for trip, you can freely download it from iTunes.

3. Apply the Favorite Movie Website

IMDb application for iPhone users has also been adapted for the iPad. You should be able to read the favorite movie blogs on the iPad, including Film School Rejects. It’s the most popular movie website.

4. Watch Movie Trailers

Everyone loves watching movie trailer before the movie coming out. As iTunes hosts a bunch of movie trailers, MySpace is the solution for iPad movies lovers. MySpace will show the hottest new trailers. Now you can get them all in sweet HD on your iPad.

5. Watch DVD movies on iPad

For movie lovers with big DVD libraries, DVD to iPad Ripper software can help them convert DVDs into iPad compatible video files and watch on the go. There are many programs that do this, ranging from $20-$50. They vary in output quality, so try a free download and then make the right choice.

6. Read Marvel Comics in Movies

With the iPad, you can read about your favorite heroes with the Marvel Comics apps. Maybe we can change the way to read comics to give your family a quite atmosphere.