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ABC Working on Live Streaming TV App for iPad and iPhone

According to a report by the The New York Times, ABC is currently working on an app that will let users stream live TV to their iPhone, iPad or other mobile device. ABC, which is a subsidiary of Disney, would become the first American broadcaster to provide a live internet stream of both national and local programming.

The as of yet unnamed app will live stream ABC programming to the phones and tablets of cable and satellite subscribers, allowing them to watch popular ABC television shows anywhere. For example, if you have a cable subscription, you could potentially watch “Good Morning America” in Starbucks while sipping on a latte.

ABC currently has an app that offers up full length television shows for free, but it is riddled with commercials and the available shows are limited. A streaming app, based on a cable subscription, would be able to offer ABC’s full catalogue of content to subscribers.

Over the years, ABC has been ahead of other networks in regards to offering digital versions of programming. ABC was the first network to make digital copies of television shows available on Apple’s iTunes and launched an application at the launch of the iPad that allows viewers to watch episodes, free of charge, that were supported by advertising.

ABC has declined to comment on the new app, and there’s no word on exactly when the app will arrive in the App Store, but the Times believes that it may become available to some cable and satellite subscribers later in 2013.