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AirPlay Mirroring Explained and Mirroring Movies on iPads

The one feature that truly stands out in iOS 5 is AirPlay Mirroring on the iPad and iPhone 4S. The feature allows you to wirelessly stream everything on your screen to your HDTV, and all you need is an Apple TV as the middleman. The feature is completely unique to iOS, allowing for your iOS device to be the only entertainment device you need.


AirPlay is a technology invented by and used by Apple to let users broadcast audio, video, and photos to compatible WiFi-connected devices.The Airplay feature is different feature of iPad but not totally different than Video Mirroring. Using this app one can stream continuously running data, from any of your iGadgets, onto your television and that too wirelessly. The iPad is a real marvel even though this feature requires the AppleTV to be connected in as the middle man. The AppleTV is small in size but is an entertainment biggie. Whatever it may be, movies, photos, games, work documents or anything that can be done on the iPad. The same can be transmitted wirelessly. Also music from your iPad can be transmitted to AirPlay enabled speakers. If your speakers are not AirPlay enabled then they can be connected to AirPort Express that enables AirPlay in speakers.

Video Mirroring

Whatever is present on the screen of your iPad is what you would see on your HDTV or any television or a projector. This feature is very useful in a variety of scenarios starting from your presentations at office to showing off photos and movies on your television to friends and family. Everybody loves to watch on a big screen to get a real life-like picture. The numerous apps on iPad could be put to good use provided you know to use them well. For instance, you could involve your grandparents in a game of car racing right on your screen where it is convenient for them to play. Or in cases where you have an audience to entertain, this app is highly useful.

There is a plug-in cord called the Digital AV adapter (which you have to buy separately) that has to be plug in. One end connects to the iPad and the other end has two ports. One port is the usual USB connector for charging and the other port connects to your television or projector via HDMI. Without the need to transfer any data, only the current contents of the iPad screen is transferred.

AirPlay Mirroring

AirPlay Mirroring enables users of certain AirPlay-compatible devices to display whatever is on their device’s screen on AirPlay-compatible Apple TVs. This allows users to show the website, game, video, or other content on their device’s screen on the bigscreen HDTV that the Apple TV is attached to. This is achieved via Wi-Fi (wired mirroring, using a cable, doesn’t require the Apple TV).

AirPlay Mirroring Movie on Both iPads

If you have a pair of the New iPad and the airplay mirroring works with no problems. But if you use AirPlay mirroing something like a movie from one iPad to another to use the one as dual portable DVD player on road trips and my kid can watch the same movies from another at the same time. You canĀ  purchase AVI accessories cables, so that you can hear audio in the car through the speakers in the car. But you can’t find mirroring both tablets. To watch the same movie, you have to load it on both iPads.