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All-Time Best Free iPad Games

Here’s a round up of the best free games currently available for download on the iPad of all time. From adventure games, to racing games to music games to sports game, we showcase the best iPad games that won’t cost you a dime. And with new freemium games coming out almost daily, we will be updating this list frequently and taking your suggestions to heart.

Tap Zoo

Tap Zoo is a very popular iOS freemium title, often observed in the ‘Top Grossing’ section of the App store. In the game, you place different animal types around you island zoo and wait to accumulate an income from these animals. The ease of the game, cute graphics and big bold buttons would make this a great game for kids. But if you give this game to children be sure to turn off in-app purchases!

Zombie Farm

Zombie Farm is a freemium farming game; grow everything from carrots to radishes. The surprise is you can also grow zombies! Grow zombies alongside your carrots and build an army capable of taking down neighbouring farmers in an attempt to earn a reward of brains! Zombie Farm is a good paced, well thought out freemium title and it boasts a number of interesting gameplay ideas. For example, growing zombies next to plants to induce mutated zombies such as the feared carrot zombie! The graphics, are cute despite the theme, making this another title suitable for all.

Istunt2 HD – insane hills

Istunt is a fun fast moving games, the music is awesome and the scenery is beautiful. All you have to do is to control the balance of the snowboarder by tilting your iPad, then as you progress to new levels there are new challenges and options all explained to you with clear on-screen instructions. Built for iPad and released on 12 April, this game is already a big success with raving reviews on the app store.

Pocket Legends

The fact that Pocket Legends is free is a minor miracle amongst gaming fans, considering how damn good the game play is. In Pocket Legends you choose your avatar – either a warrior, an enchantress or an archer – then head out on an adventure. Pick from a list of active online sessions and join in. You can chat with other players on the ‘net in real-time, and fight together against creatures and demons on each level as you try to win the treasure. Upgrade your armor, fighting skills, and buy additional gear and potions. Imaginative landscapes – from forests to castles – deliver a lot of fun detail.

Angry Birds Rio HD Free

They have done it again! Following their unprecedented success with their iPhone game, developers Rovio have reached number 1 with their iPad version! It definitely deserves to be on this list, as the iPad’s larger screen allows the gameplay to be enhanced to a degree that simply can’t be reached on the iPhone’s smaller display.

Smurfs’ Village

Smurfs’ Village is probably the best known iOS freemium game. In Smurfs’ Village you strive to build a thriving habitat for your little blue creatures, building mushroom houses, growing crops, and performing other communal duties.The goal? To create a safe haven from the evil wizard Gargamel. The app is heavily dependent on the in-app purchasing of ‘Smurfberries’, a currency which both eases the gameplay for the player and unlocks special, beneficial items. It is very easy to quickly use all your available Smurfberries and the temptation to buy more is definitely the highest out of all the listed games here.

Your Opinions

So what is your favourite free iPad games?  Is there a freemium game you feel deserves to be on this list? Let us know in the comments.