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Free App to School with the iPad

Soon students around the globe will be returning to school and teachers with Apps would like to help them get ready. The Back to School Appss for Your iPad is the first in a series of must have apps for any student beyond the primary level.


Evernote is an outstanding app that is easy-to-use and will that help you remember everything across all of your devices. Stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity. Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders and makes these notes completely searchable, whether you are at home or at work. For example: text recognition in Evernote makes it a breeze to take a snapshot of a syllabus or assignment. As long as the text is not extremely tiny, all of your assignments for the semester will be easily searchable. What was that teacher’s policy on late assignments? How many pages was that paper supposed to be? The answers are just one click away. All of your notes are seamlessly synced between your Mac, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


This stellar app is a must have for everyone everywhere. Dropbox is provides a great way to bring all your photos, docs, and videos from anywhere and share them easily. Simply download Dropbox onto your device, then save all of your work by dropping it into Dropbox. It really is that easy! This app gives you access to all of your work from any computer, your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Never lose your work (or forget it at home) again.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a must have on every iPad! This app that was developed to provide an easy way to create simple, stunning presentations, it lives up to its intentions and goes far beyond in the design potential department. Haiku Deck simplifies presentation design to help deliver your message dramatically and the procedure couldn’t be easier! The developers have partnered with Getty Images so their library is not only vast, it’s top quality! Haiku Deck provides an excellent way to create educational presentations of all kinds. Teachers and students can use Haiku Deck to create a digital storyboard, outline a book’s plot, tell a story, explain a process, present evidence, illustrate a blog post, or share captioned photographs. The Haiku Deck gallery provides anyone with the capabilities to make beautiful presentations, the sky is the limit with creativity here!


AroundMe is a GPS app that shows you points of interests like gas stations and banks around you. It’s perfect for the first-year college student who’s venturing out for the first time to a new location.

Guinness Pub Finder

One of the joys of upper-class college living is the ability to go out and have a good meal with a cold beer at a local pub. The pub finder app lets you find a local tavern that sells the hearty stout. It also lets you rate the establishment and receive tips on drinking a proper mug of Guinness. A 99-cent in-app purchase will add a trivia-based game or a gallery of Guinness images.


Inkling is fast becoming an absolute must for students. This app allows you to download a textbook to your iPad and includes the usual annotation functions such as highlighting, making notes and the ability to share those notes with friends.

Like dictionaries, textbooks are heavy. Being able to download a textbook to a device like the iPad makes it much easier to study on the move. But this still isn’t the greatest feature; for me, that is the ability to download single chapters. This is an absolutely amazing feature which can save you money! No more paying for vast textbooks when you only really need a handful of chapters.

Kno Textbooks

Kno Textbooks is the premiere textbook app. This education software company, is taking technology into the digital age, and getting textbooks in the hands of kids, from elementary school all the way through college. It’s well documented that school kids are suffering back pain from schlepping around all their textbooks. So Kno’s pitch: Rent a digital version of the same textbook your kids are using at school so they don’t have to carry it home. There are more than 200,000 books available  with the added features of interactive 3D models, search engines, and videos. Flashcards and journals are also incorporated to help your studies progress. Kno Textbooks also lets you share notes and import PDFs from the Internet, your email, or even Dropbox.


If you’re ready to take education in to the 21st century then these free iPad apps are a must. It really is possible to greatly increase your productivity with less than a folder full of apps. Anyway, hope these great free iPad apps can help students learn in a different way.