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Apple Adds $10 iTunes HD Movies for iPad

With iPad you can download and watch HD (High Definition) Movies from iTunes store right on the iPad.  Now Apple has added a new section to the iTunes Store highlighting cheaper, $9.99 HD movie offerings. The new page currently features 30 movies, including the Oliver Stone films W. and The Doors, as well as American Psycho and War. Notably, several of the movies are priced as low as $5.99, while other titles share their $9.99 HD pricing with their standard-definition versions, giving you little reason to prefer the lower-quality SD copy when all HD versions also include an SD copy as part of the purchase in order to ensure compatibility with all video-capable Apple devices.

HD movie rentals on iPad from iTunes store

SD movie rentals are in a widescreen format and have a resolution of up to 480p, while HD movie rentals have a resolution of up to 720p on iPad.

  • Movies rented on iPad cannot be transferred to other devices and can only be viewed on iPad.
  • An Internet connection to the iTunes Store is required to authorize playback of movie rentals.
  • When you purchase an HD video you’ll receive two files, the HD version and SD version. The HD version downloads directly to your iPad, while the SD version can be downloaded using iTunes on your computer. This SD version can be synced and played on an iPhone or iPod.

HD movie rentals may not be available in all countries

The option to buy HD movies for iPad has been available in the USA for quite some time actually, although only on selected movies and shows. You can see what you’re missing out on by changing the country selection in iTunes, from Australia to United States. Just scroll to the bottom of iTunes, click on Change Country, and select United States. Take a look at Casino Royale (2006), and you’ll see options to rent and buy the HD movie. Another difference here is that unlike Australia, you can actually rent the HD version directly in iTunes on your desktop.

HD movies on your iPad at lower prices

Besides the new section $10 HD movies added, there are hundreds of movies to rent in HD on your iPad at lower prices. You’ll find a section in iTunes right now titled ‘$3.99 Rentals‘ — you’ll pay $4.99 to rent the HD version mind you. I browsed around for a while and found plenty of popular films here, like The Sixth Sense, Knocked Up, Gladiator, and Finding Nemo.

Well, view and download HD movies on the iPad now, they will look great. If you have other HD video or AVCHD video on your local computer, you can get our top-rated iPad video converter software to convert and view them on iPad.