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Apple drops Adobe DRM for FairPlay DRM on iPad eBooks

According to Adobe executives, Apple will not be using Adobe’s ebook digital rights management [DRM] technology. Instead, the Cupertino-based software/hardware giant will utilize its own FairPlay DRM technology to protect the digital works of publishers that will be distributed for the iPad when it is released at the end of next month.

This means that iPad owners will be bound to do what Apple tells them to do in an indirect manner. You see, customers will only be able to purchase and read publications from the new iBookstore, and the ebooks they purchase will not be able to be transferred to other devices.

Adobe senior business development manager Nick Bogaty says that with “iBooks, there’s no freedom of choice.” He goes on to add that while Adobe DRM technology is not really standard, it’s widespread enough to allow customers to “be able to use any e-reader they want, and purchase from any point of sale that uses Content Server.”

Ultimately, end-users will be most affected by Apple’s controlling policies. Though it’s important to bear in mind that Apple has been doing this for years now with apps for the iPhone and even music from iTunes. Strangely, there has only been a small percentage of consumers and developers that have protested such practices. Whether or not the implementation of FairPlay DRM to iPad ebooks will affect end-user or even ebooks themselves remains to be seen.