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Apple’s iPad Reduces Netbook Sales‎

With more than one million iPads sold in the device’s first month of availability, it may not be too surprising that rival devices –- specifically netbooks –- are seeing a sales slump.

But when you look at the chart published by a Morgan Stanley analyst this morning, the drop-off in the netbook market both in April and in the months since the iPad was announced is rather dramatic.

Less than a year ago, the netbook market was growing at a whopping 641% percent year-over-year. But in April, that growth slowed to just 5%, following month-over-month growth rate declines dating back to November of last year.

The main reason people purchase netbook’s was so they could surf the web, check their email and complete basic tasks on the go, all of these things can be done on the iPad and it is a lot more portable than the netbook.

There are a number of manufacturers releasing tablet computers like the Apple iPad in 2010, and we can expect to see them become more popular and this will probably reduce netbook’s sales even more.