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Apple’s iPad boots up market for accessories makers

A number of accessory makers are already producing gear for the iPad, even though few if any have had hands-on experience with the device, says the Wall Street Journal. One of the earliest examples may be Trexta, which during this month’s Macworld expo was already demonstrating a prototype case meant to ease typing. Many companies intend to have accessories ready within days or weeks of the iPad launch.Accessory makers are hoping the iPad will help that market grow further. The device, which will come in models priced between $499 and $829, has a 9.7-inch screen, no keyboard, and a wireless Internet hookup. It is geared for navigating the Web, reading electronic books and running applications that are created by others.

Not all accessory makers are rushing out iPad-related devices. Some companies that make more expensive products are taking a wait-and-see approach.

The iPad accessories are on to come out with accessories as close as possible to Apple’s shipping date, which hasn’t yet been announced but is expected to be in late March.