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Avid Video Editing App for iPad Takes on iMovie

Apple’s iMovie for iPad has some serious competition now, with video editing heavyweight Avid releasing Avid Studio for iPad. The new app allows iPad users to easily edit video, audio and photos using 3D animations, transitions, titles and soundtracks. Its interface will be familiar to anybody who uses Avid’s desktop video-editing suite, or even products like iMovie or Final Cut Pro X.

Users arrange their clips in the Storyboard view and can then move over to the Timeline view for making precision edits and adding professional transitions effects and a soundtrack. Video, audio and photos can be imported directly from the iOS media library or users can import content from external devices using the iPad Camera Connection Kit. Built-in tutorials are included to get users started quickly and a number of advanced features are available for enhancing video content such as multi-layer 3D animations, transitions and titles, layered composite video tracks, picture-in-picture effects and high-quality motion titles and graphics with full presentation and animation controls.

When you’re done, the end result can be pushed directly to Facebook or YouTube, via email, or exported over to Avid Studio on the PC for further editing.

The Avid Studio for iPad app is available now, priced at $4.99. It is much more affordable than its desktop counterpart, although clearly Avid hopes you’ll spring for that too if you like the tablet version. The company plans on raising the iOS app’s price to $7.99 in a few weeks.