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BBC iPlayer Gets Better Search and AirPlay Streaming for Downloads

BBC’s popular iPlayer app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch has recently gotten a new update bringing better search and improved experience to watch your favorite shows even when your internet connection is on the fritz.


The app now supports AirPlay streaming for downloaded shows, letting users watch on the big screen when there’s no internet connection. If you’ve captured your favorite episodes of EastEnders or Doctor Who to your iOS device, you can blast ’em to your big screen via Apple TV even if your internet connection is down.

Searching is also much improved; iPlayer now groups results by series, and iPad users get a dedicated search section. It’s easier to start watching recommended shows, too.

The full changelog:

  • Ability to watch downloaded programmes via AirPlay
  • Quick one-tap access to your previous searches
  • Results grouped by series; easily see how many episodes of a programme are available
  • Dedicated search section on iPad with image-led results
  • Easy navigation to ‘More from this series’ and ‘You may also like’ recommendations on individual programme pages
  • See what other BBC applications are available with a link from the ‘More’ section
  • Better VoiceOver support added to the Favourites screen prior to favourites being added
  • Better VoiceOver support added to the Favourites screen after favourites have been added

All of you iPad tablet owners out there are itching to grab this app can hit the BBC iPlayer for iOS download link here and get in on all that fun BBC goodness.