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Best Apps that Help You Find More and Better iPad Apps

Q: I’m an iPad owner that is overwhelmed by the number of applications available. Where should I start if I’m looking for a way to fine more and better iPad apps?

Well, no worries, we’ve got you covered. Read on for the best apps  that help you find more and better iPad apps!

Genius for apps

Genius for apps is Apple’s own recommendation engine built right into the App Store app on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad under the Featured Tab. Since you bought your apps from the App Store, they know what you have and try to find and show you more apps you like. If you share your device and iTunes library with another person, for example your young children, you’ll probably see a lot of recommendations that interest them and not you but you can always swipe an item to remove and help “train” the Genius system. It’s not the most robust or feature packed app discovery system but again, it’s already there. Both iPhone and iPad. [Free – Built in]

AppStart for iPad

By the fine folks at AppAdvice.com, AppStart for iPad’s goal is as simple as it is welcome — to help new iPad owners with a specific focus find the apps they need to do what they want. Sorting the massive App Store and trying to curate it based on task or user type is no small feat so if you know what you want but don’t know how to get started, AppStart is there to do some of the heavy lifting for you. [$0.99 – iTunes link]


From AppShopper.com, the app brings all the great website services — new and updated apps, price drops and sales, wish lists and popularity trackers — and puts it right on your iPhone and iPad. It’ll even sync to your AppShopper web account. Universal app – download once, use on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. [Free – iTunes link]

So there you have them, the best apps above that help you find more and better iPad apps.  If we missed any of your favorites leave them in the comments below!