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Best Free iPad E-Reader Apps

iPad is cool. Not only because it’s so multi-functional, but because it allows me to access so many eBooks through the multitude of apps available. Here are the best free e-reader apps for iPad that let you read eBooks and PDF files on iPad. All these eBook apps for iPad are completely free. Most of these eBook reader apps can be used on iPhone, and ipod Touch as well.

iBooks App for iPad

Apple’s iBooks app is, of course, the definitive e-reader app for the iPad against which all others must be compared. It gives readers an amazing experience when downloading, storing and reading e-books. The iBooks for iPad connects users to an iBook store where you can shop for several titles in different book categories.

With simple finger swipes or taps, you can deftly move around this free iPad e-book reader, browse through the bookshelf library, read a free sample of any book in the store before purchase and do much more.

Depending on your preferences, this official free iPad e-book reader lets you choose the font size and type face that suits your reading style. You can adjust the lighting to read your books in either white or sepia page outlook.

iBooks also has an excellent search feature, which starts work progressively as you type your search term, and gives you a very useful contextual list of the references it has found.

There’s no doubt that iBooks is an excellent e-reader and sets a high bar for other apps to leap.

Download a free copy of this great free iBooks iPad e-book reader here .

Kindle App for iPad

The Kindle app for iPad from Amazon publishers is another great free iPad e-book reader which allows you to read kindle books and access almost a million books on Kindle’s platform.

This free e-reader iPad app gives you access to the latest best sellers and new releases from global e-book publishers, including three free e-books loaded with the app. These include Pride and Prejudice, Treasure Island and Aesop’s fables.

With the free e-book reader, you can preview the first chapter of each book for free before deciding whether to buy it, while the Whispersync feature makes it possible for you to continue reading from the last page you left off on another Apple device.

But If you buy books from the Amazon Kindle Store, then the Kindle app is your only option for reading them on the iPad in a native app. On the positive side, the Kindle app has a nice plain, non-distracting page.

Download a free copy of this great free Kindle iPad e-book reader here.

Kindle Cloud Reader for iPad

Rather than a native iPad app, the Kindle Cloud Reader is a web app, accessed and viewed in your browser, and specifically designed to avoid Apple’s restrictions on native apps selling content outside of Apple’s in-app purchase system.

The Kindle Cloud Reader is a very clever demonstration of what is possible with HTML 5, as it looks and feels very similar to the native Kindle app in above. One of the clever features is that it is able to download the entire book so that you can read it offline, with no connection to the Internet.

From the toolbar while viewing your library of books, a click of the Kindle Store button transports you right to the online store (not available when you’re offline, duh!). Purchases are easy, fast, and the content is quickly downloaded to your Mac or iPad.

Nook app for iPad

Nook app for iPad is a highly interactive free e-reader from the stables of Barnes & Noble. This great app gives you access to not just regular eBooks, but also leading global magazines and newspapers, amounting to over two million titles

Nook for iPad is loaded with the LendMe feature making it one of the free e-book iPad readers that allows you sample and share free e-books with your friends and colleagues in real-time.

In addition, this free iPad e-reader has an in-built Merriam Webster dictionary and an intuitive search engine to enhance your reading experience. Another great feature is the ability to make notes and highlights, while also being able to sync with other devices and pick up reading from where you left off on your iPad. Above all, access to the Barnes and Noble store is up all day and night.

Download a free copy of this great free Kindle iPad e-book reader here.

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you have a favorite iPad app for reading eBooks, please feel free to share it with us in a comment below.