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Best iPad Apps for Small Business Users

I know, most of you reading this have always wondered if a part of their business could be made easier. Well, several iPad developers have found some apps designed just for the small business professional just like your suave self. The following are best iPad apps designed just for the purpose of making things a little bit easier for the office.

Best iPad App for Business User – iWork
Apple really took its time in developing the iWork apps for iPad, making sure that the productivity system would be easy and intuitive. You can create new documents or open up existing document types (if they aren’t native iWork files you will have to convert them – this can take a few moments depending on file size). Each app is a cool $9.99 but very worth it if you need to edit a document quickly while on the go. Each one of them have most of the functions of their Mac OS X brethren which makes them very worthy purchases for the businessman on the go.

Best iPad App for Business User – GoodReader
A very competent PDF reader that combines the power to read PDF, Word, Excel and Text documents with an excellent interface that even allows you to download these files directly from the internet. For $.99, it will most likely become one of the best deals available right now.

Best iPad App for Business User – Things
Cultured Code’s Things is easily one of the top task managers for Mac OS X. The iPad version is much more similar to its desktop counterpart than it is to the iPhone version (hence the larger price), but for small business users who are already part of the Things ecosystem, it’s a delight to use.

Best iPad App for Business User – Box.net
An app that works very close to its iPhone brother that allows you to view files, activities and more on your iPad. You can choose which programs to open the files with which is nice if you have multiple programs that can do similar tasks.

Best iPad App for Business User – Bento
A powerful database system designed to handle your expenses, projects and much more. Bento for iPad can be used stand alone or with Bento for Mac and Bento for iPhone. Like Things, it is much more similar to the Mac version than the iPhone counterpart.

Best iPad App for Business User – Evernote
Just like the iPhone app that allows you to take notes as necessary and then syncs it into the cloud enabling you to access the notes anywhere. The iPad app has additional features such as voice notes, pictures and editing of text documents. Sounds pretty nice and useful for a free app.