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Best Outdoor Apps for iPad Users

Summer is right around the corner, you have your new iPad, and you are probably wondering how this shiny new gadget can help you to get outdoors and do some exploring. Well,  here are some of the best outdoor apps for iPad users like you.

Birds Pro HD ($11.99)

This is one of the top outdoor iPad apps and happens to also be one of the most comprehensive bird identification guides in the entire App Store.  Recently updated the app has not only pictures but sounds as well.  You can not only identify birds but you can also learn about them, their origin, and their patterns of travel.

For the younger readers, it also includes some really nice quiz games that help enhance the entire learning experience.  This is a must see app for the outdoors.

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Maplets ($2.99)

Maplets is an app that delivers you only the best and most comprehensive apps for your travels.  It contains over 4000 maps that include national parks, subways, ski resorts, and even includes worldwide locations.

You might think that Google Maps is good enough but the good news is that Maplets actually compliments Google Maps because you can use them both in conjunction with each other.  Once you buy the app, all of maps are free for download and can be used offline.  some of them have GPS information that is supported, notification of new map updates, and hot links to information such as weather reports and news.

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Landscaper’s Companion ($4.99)

Here is one of the top iPad apps for the outdoors if you are a gardener or will be working on any aspect of your yard this spring/summer/fall.  This is an entire reference guide to trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, and just about every plant you can imagine.

In fact it contains an impressive 5000 plants and over 6000 pictures – so it really is a comprehensive guide.  And it’s very easy to use as well.  It is organized into over 16 categories of plants where you can search by scientific name, sun exposure, zone and water requirements.  Additionally you can can keep full notes on each plant and save specific ones that are of interest to you and your region.

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Star Walk for iPad ($4.99)

Another must have app for the iPad if have not yet seen this one.

Star Walk allows you to point your iPad right at the sky and see what stars, constellations, and satellites you are looking at.

The app allows you to view just about every constellation and planet in full detail with various modes such as night and day mode, search features, time machine, satellite tracking, and the ability to see planets and stars in full perspective.

You have to check this one out for less than $5 – it’s not just a great deal, it’s an entire education.