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Best Video Player for iPad and iPad Mini

Although iPad or iPad Mini is on top nowadays, its standard video player has several disadvantages:

– it plays only MP4 and H.264;
– it supports only hard subtitles;
– it doesn’t support multiple audio tracks.

A user Johnson sent us a email below about looking for suggestions on the best video player for iPad and iPad mini

What I’m looking for is: (in order of importance)

– a stable app with full 1080p stutter-free playback with a nice UI
– multi format support (MKV, AVI, WMV, etc.)
– better subtitle support (I know some players have strange results)
– better (more precise) seeking controls

Anything else is extra “nice to have” stuff but the above 4 are critical to what I’m looking for.

Well, AVPlayerHD (iTunes link) does all that. The app has always been one of the most recommended video players on iOS. It has one of the best video decoder collections for most formats out there: MKV, H.264, RMVB, XVID, WMV (dedicated WMV bible HERE), MSMPEG4 in AVI’s etc.What’s more, it offers compatibility with external subtitle file formats such as SMI, SRT and TXT.

This app excels with HD video, and really harnesses the power of the iPad’s A5 processor. Playback of 720p content on iPad 2 was a dream, and full 1080p MP4, MOV and M4V content were mostly played flawlessly, The app offers playback in all the main aspect ratios and works brilliantly with the iPad’s Digital AV Adapter, meaning you can use the iPad as an HD playback device with your TV. Other features include touch gestures, which work well — swipe up to increase speed, down to slow, swipe left to skip back 10 seconds, right to skip forward. Using the slider, you can scrub through without any sluggishness rearing its head, and you can transfer files to the app over a wireless network, which is slow, but works flawlessly.

This sweet application keeps evolving and pushing to the front of the pack as the definitive player for the iPad, with continued updates, and innovative touches like its gesture controls – it’s a must-have. Further support for accessing media files across up and coming services like iCloud or more established file sharing services such as Dropbox, should allow even more freedom to access all of that lovely media content, whenever and wherever you are.