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Can You Put Rented iTunes Movies on an iPad Mini?

The simple answer is yes. Any Apple device that is registered to your iTunes account can be used to view a rented iTunes movie. The problem arises when your iPad or iPad Mini is registered to another account or synced with a different machine. Additionally, Apple provides a time limit on all of its rented movies so typically it is more convenient to rent the movie on your iPad Mini than to try and complete a transfer before your time runs out.


The main restriction with Apple’s iTunes movie rental service is the 24 hours (in the US) or 48 hours (elsewhere) time limit. The film will disappear if you do not watch it during the given amount of time. Another restriction on transfers involves where your device is synced. If one of the devices you wish to transfer to is not registered to your iTunes account then you will be unable to transfer the movie successfully.

Movie Types

You can choose from new releases and catalog titles, with select films available in HD. Watch your movie with your Mac or Windows computer, iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, or iPod as well as on your TV using your Apple TV. Browse the iTunes Store and look for movies with a Rent button, or check the Top Rentals Charts to find top sellers. Finally, HD movies can only be viewed on the latest Apple devices with high definition video(720p/1080p) support such as the new iPadĀ  4th,iPad Mini or iPhone 5.

Movie Subtitles

iTunes offers support for subtitles.Some movies do have subtitles and these movies containing subtitles will be noted either in the movie title, or within the Plot Summary of the movie. If a movie you rented has subtitles, you can easily change settings in iTunes preferences to enable subtitles to display in videos that come with subtitles. But you can’t edit the file to add external subtitles to a rented iTunes movie.


To transfer a rented movie from iTunes, use the movies pane in iTunes. Rented movies transfer is at the top. You must have an Internet connection to transfer a rented movie. Select the “move” arrow in the direction you wish to transfer, and click the apply button at the bottom right. Rented movies can only exist on one device at a time, they do not sync like other video, but move from iTunes to the iPad Mini.