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Using Your New iPad

Apple’s third generation iPad, called simple the New iPad is here. Apple unveiled a new version of its hit tablet on March 7,2012. It features a 2048×1536 double density Retina display, 1080p HD video recording, a faster Apple A5X chipset with dual-core CPU and quad-core GPU, an optional 4G internet connect and a supersharp HD display. It has a a 5-megapixel camera, representing a significant leap from the current iPad’s so-so lens. While there was no Siri, Apple’s artificially intelligent, voice controlled assistant, the new iPad did get Dictation for …

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Something I’ve noticed is when you upload videos from the Photos App to youtube from my new iPad, it only uploads in 720p. Is it possible to upload in full 1080p?
The new iPad 3rd gen has a much improved camera – so much improved you can take 1080p HD videos, but it doesn’t work with recorded 1080p videos when trying to upload to YouTube. When the video is uploaded to YouTube, it comes out as 720p the camera is rated at 8MP and 1080p definition. Luckily, iMovie app and desktop …

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iPad 3 News,Features,Rumors Roundup

It’s that magical time of year again, when everyone expects Apple’s third generation iPad 3 to be right around the corner. Recently lots of new iPad 3 rumors spreading has been rather interesting for Apple and the Apple community, but sometimes it can be difficult to cut through all the noise about the iPad 3 and find out which are the most relevant and important news and rumors, so here we’d give you the latest news update about the upcoming iPad 3.

Apple confirms iPad 3 event for March 7
Apple has …

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The Ways to Fix Slow YouTube on iPad

A friend of mine who received an iPad from his employer wanted to show me a YouTube video on a lunch break one day and I noticed that the pages on Youtube were loading rather slowly. I first thought that it was a connection issue but apparently Youtube was slow to load even if the fastest most reliable Wi-Fi connection was active.
Apple’s official discussion board is filled with user reports that mention issues they experience on Youtube. Here is a short selection:

YouTube stops and takes …

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High Resolution iPad 3 May Arrive Later This Year

Apple’s iPad is holding over 80% of the market share of the US tablet market. Not only in the US but across the world, people have gone crazy to have the new iPad 2. Although being the best tablet ever, Apple’s followers are still looking for an even greater iPad 3 and eagerly exploring the Internet for “iPad 3 release date.” Nowadays,  based on the Reports by different Techies that Apple will launch the iPad 3 in the fourth quarter of 2011 and it will have a resolution five …

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iPad Security Tips to Enhance your iPad Secure

The iPad is a great device in so many different ways, and although it is not as vulnerable as a standard or PC, there are still security threats to consider when operating the tablet computer in uncertain environments.  Here are a few iPad security tips that I would strongly recommend that you should follow to enhance your iPad secure.
Enable Passcode Lock
All iPads ship with powerful hardware encryption built-in, but you need to enable it. The simplest way to do that is to set a passcode on …

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Workaround for Importing Camcorder Clips in iMovie for iPad 2

Apple’s release of iMovie for iOS was greatly welcomed and it has been a popular download for numerous iPad 2 users.  however, people have noticed that the program does have some limitations, one of them being movies not working if they were directly imported from camcorders and other video devices.

Recently Apple updated a support document to reflect the problem some users reported with iMovie for iOS where the built-in media browser wouldn’t list certain video clips stored in your camera roll. According to Apple, footage …

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Best Photo Organizer Apps for the iPad

Previously we’ve reviewed photo editing for the iPad. This week we’re focusing on apps that enhance the display of your photos and help you share them with others, including collages and social networking sites.  Here are the best iPad photo organizer apps that enhance the display of your photos on iPad and help you share them with others.
Best iPad Photo Organizer App – Bill Atkinson Photocard ($4.99)
The Bill Atkinson Photocard app for iPad allows you to create picture postcards you can send to anyone, either …

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Popular iPad 2 Video Formats Explained

As we took a look at several DVD to iPad 2 converter and iPad 2 video converter software applications, we discussed several different video and audio formats, such as H.264, MPEG-4, QuickTime, MP3, M4A and others. We’d like to take a closer look to give you a better understanding of the popular video and audio format supported by the iPad 2.
iPad 2 Video Basics
The video frame size, or aspect ratio, such as 640 x 480, measures the width (640) by the height (480), in lines of pixel …

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11-inch MacBook Air vs. iPad, Which is Right for You?

Apple’s 11-inch MacBook Air may create a conundrum for prospective Mac owners: should they buy a petite Apple laptop or an iPad? When Apple launched the Air, it said it was a hybrid device combining the best aspects of the MacBook with the iPad. Just like Apple’s tablet device, the Air has flash storage and no optical or hard drive. But like previous versions of the Air, the new computer runs OS X and has a laptop form factor.
So, if you had to pick just one device, and you specifically …