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Here’s a round up of the best free games currently available for download on the iPad of all time. From adventure games, to racing games to music games to sports game, we showcase the best iPad games that won’t cost you a dime. And with new freemium games coming out almost daily, we will be updating this list frequently and taking your suggestions to heart.
Tap Zoo

Tap Zoo is a very popular iOS freemium title, often observed in the ‘Top Grossing’ section of the App store. In the game, you …

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Real Racing 2 HD has been updated with support for 1080p video-out and dual screen gaming support on the iPad 2.

Full HD 1080p TV-out and dual screen gaming support on iPad 2. Experience Real Racing 2 HD like never before in stunning, true 1080p while real-time racing telemetry is displayed on iPad 2
Enhanced visuals for Alkeisha Island and San Arcana tracks on iPad 2
Memory optimizations to minimize crashes
Various minor improvements and fixes

When playing in dual screen mode, the iPad acts as a steering wheel for driving your …

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Some iPhone game apps for kids can be also compatible for iPad. Some app developers have made new versions to run on the iPad. Some of them are iPad exclusive game app for kids. Those iPad apps will help kid learn the basic knowledge while enjoying them. The obvious feature of these iPad apps for kids is graphically sharper. The exciting kids’ ability to touch and learn should be highly raised once more. Well, below are the 4 best iPad games for kids can not …

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Best iPad Games for the Non-Gamers

So you’ve just taken in a shiny new iPad. Great, but you’ll soon realise that on its own the iPad doesn’t do that much. Here are some apps to bring you what we think are the best iPad apps available at the moment to get you started if you want to play games, but just don’t want to be fussed with killing people, driving fast around a race track or generally having no real idea what you are doing from the moment you press start.

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With hundreds of games being uploaded each hour, the game selection for the iPad leaves you with plenty of options-unlike the launch of the iPhone. We’ve comprised a list of what we believe are the top 10 games for the iPad that are available RIGHT NOW.
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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We already know that we’ll be able to use iPhone applications on the iPad, scaled to iPad’s bigger screen size. But what native iPad apps has Apple approved so far? PadGadget has done some digging through iTunes’ web interface and found several titles with “HD” in their titles, which (in most cases) signifies an iPad version of the application.

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A new report from Flurry Analytics shows that iPad applications developers focus on iPad game development. Although the device is compatible with the vast majority of existing App Store content, the iPad’s larger screen has led many developers to look at reworking apps for the platform. Apple iPad is now seen as the next great  portable video game device.
Well, just because an iPhone game is popular doesn’t mean it will look and feel right on the iPad. Here are 10 best free games that would …