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Samsung’s announcement of its latest device — the Galaxy Note 8.0 has been widely seen as a direct competitor to Apple’s iPad mini. Here is a quick look at how they compare across various parameters:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
iPad mini Wi-Fi

Samsung Exynos 1.6GHz (quad-core)
Apple A5 (dual-core)

Operating system
Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
iOS 6.1.2

16/32GB onboard storage, expandable via microSD slot
16/32/64GB onboard storage, non-expandable


5-megapixel rear camera, 1.3-megapixel front camera
5-megapixel iSight camera, 1.2-megapixel FaceTime camera

8-inch (1,280 x 800 pixels) IPS LCD
7.9-inch (1,024 x 768 pixels) IPS LCD



210.8 x 135.9 x 7.95mm
200 x 134.7 x 7.2mm

338g …

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In what many are seeing as a bid to take over some of Twitter app Vine‘s newly created video loop market, video company Vimeo has bought up the popular iOS app Echograph. Echograph, in case you’re not familiar with it, it’s different than Twitter’s Vine, it is designed to let people easily create GIFs with details that are animated.

Echograph is a photograph that contains small slices of animation. You start off by selecting a video and then trimming it to 5 seconds. You then pick a single still frame from …

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Michel sent us a question below.
“Is it illegal to talk about downloading audio or video from Youtube to iPad or local computer. I’m not perfectly sure of any of this because a user of this website has justified downvoting many of my questions and answers because talking about this is supposedly illegal.Thanks.”
If by personal use, you mean having the file available on your own hard drive or iPad for offline viewing, the answer is yes. If you by personal use, you mean sharing it with friends or posting it on …

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Apple’s AirPlay may have some competition in the future thanks to DIAL, an open-source, second-screen protocol being developed by Netflix and YouTube.

DIAL, short for “discovery and launch,” lets second-screen app developers discover and launch apps on smart TVs and other connected devices. It’s meant to work seamlessly, so apps can easily find compatible devices on the same network and launch their apps with little user intervention.
Netflix says it partnered with YouTube because “having two major video services define and promote DIAL would help get it more widely adopted as a …

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Despite already having 7-inch tablets out in the market, Samsung is supposedly at work on a new 8-inch model that would compete more directly with the Apple iPad mini. Recently Samsung has confirmed the rumors that it will launch an 8-inch Galaxy Note at next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

The iPad mini’s display is 1024 x 768 across 7.9-inches, while the Galaxy Note 8.0 has been rumored as 1280 x 800 in an 8-inch form factor. That’s pretty close if you ask us and just slightly bigger than …

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Steve Sent us a question below:
Would you suggest this generation of the iPad mini is worth getting, or waiting for the next-generation(iPad mini 2), which may have Retina display is a better option?
We know the recent rumor that the sequel to the iPad Mini could be coming as early as spring 2013, just like the next iPhone, according to a report from CNET. While there probably won’t be game-changing improvements, the iPad Mini 2 is also supposed to feature an HD Retina display, according to insiders who spoke to DigiTimes. …

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Google’s YouTube has just rolled out a new app called Capture that lets users immediately shoot video as soon as the app is opened.

The new YouTube Capture is a free app that focuses on recording videos to post to YouTube. The app opens to a screen for recording action. The main screen includes the record button, an option for choosing videos in the Camera Roll and a settings menu. It also has an option to turn the flash on or off and an option to switch between cameras.
YouTube Capture also …

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Apple has released its “Best of 2012” list for iTunes.  Hot on the heels of the top apps on iPhone and iPad, Apple has released the top media sellers on the iTunes formerly just-music store, including the top albums, best blockbuster movies, and top-selling TV shows for 2012.

It turns out that Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe is the top track of 2012, while the 50 Shades empire continues to grow as it takes all three top spots in books. Adele get the nod for top album of 2012 with 21, …

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Alongside today’s big Gmail iOS update, Google’s rolled out an update to its YouTube app that adds support for iPads and iPhone 5.
The iPad version of YouTube has a similar feel to the iPhone version and is very polished and smooth. On the left, there is a sidebar that gives quick access to your profile settings, subscriptions, and YouTube categories. For each video, you can see a list of other suggested videos, get the video info, and leave and view comments.

In addition to optimization for the iPhone 5 and iPad, …

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Apple has officially released iTunes 11. The new iTunes features a simplified player, redesigned Store, and new iCloud features. A considerably redesigned interface focuses on edge-to-edge designs for albums, movies, and TV shows in the iTunes library, and personal recommendations are available when users click In the Store, which has similarly been simplified visually. Purchases in iCloud now appear inside your iTunes library, and can be played directly from iCloud or downloaded as a copy to sync to a device or play offline. Playback syncing is also a possibility with …