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Copy iPhone 4’s iMovies to iPad

In response to my iMovie for iPhone 4 Only, not iPad, one of our readers posed this question:

Is it possible to offload completed projects onto an iPad using the iPad Camera Connection Kit to free up space on the iPhone?

Indeed it is. As far as the iPad is concerned, the iPhone 4 (and earlier iPhones, for that matter) is just another camera. String the iPhone’s USB cable between the iPhone’s dock connector port and the USB camera connector attached to your Mac. The iPad’s Photos then launches with the Camera tab selected. Any movies you’ve created with iMovie and then exported to the iPhone’s Photos app will be available to copy to your iPad. Just tap the movies you want to copy to the iPad and tap the Import button in the upper-right corner of the iPad’s screen.

This is a tremendous way to view your iMovies on a big(ger) screen in a hurry and makes the iPad Camera Connection Kit all that much more valuable.