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DVD to iPad Mini: How to Rip and Convert DVD to iPad Mini with Handbrake?

So you’like to buy a new iPad Mini and want to stock it with movies from your DVD library. You can, provided you have the right tools and some time to kill. With free software and this tutorial, you can copy almost any DVD in your library to your iPad Mini for on-the-go viewing. Let’s get ripping.

What You’ll Need

  • A DVD Drive
  • A DVD that you own or DVD file folder on your computer
  • DVD to iPad Ripper software like Handbrake (free).
  • Handbrake is not available for ripping commercial DVDs. Alternatively, the web page DVD to iPad Converter Reviews offers several suggestions for ripping any DVDs to your iPad.
  • iTunes and VLC Player.

Step 1. Rip DVD to iPad Mini format with Handbrake

1. Insert DVD. Insert your DVD into the drive and start up Handbrake. The first thing HandBrake asks for is the DVD file. Select the inserted DVD and Open it on the pop up window like the image below.

2. Install VLC. Handbrake can’t rip DVDs on its own, you need VLC installed to provide the necessary DVD decrypting libraries. If there is no VLC installed, you may get it from http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ and install it on Mac.

3. Choose your destination. Here choose where you want to save the reformatted iPad Mini file after it is done compressing the DVD. You can save the movie anywhere, but for iTunes to recognize it as an iPad video, you’ll want to save it in its movie directory.

4. Choose your format. Handbrake provides some presets for iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, iPod and so on.But its default presets are a little out-of-date, there is no iPad Mini available to choose from. You can simply choose the MP4 format in the Regular preset. Select the MPEG-4 for video codec and AAC for audio. No need to bother with the specifics here — these are the standards for iPad Mini. It also sets the Average bitrate to 960kbps. It should be fine for the small screen.

5. Read your movie with Subtitles. Closed captioning, or subtitles, will help you follow along with the dialog even in the most rumpus of rumpus rooms. You can click on the Audio & Subtitles tab, head down to the Subtitles menu and select English. There you have it.

6. Customizing quality. You can adjust the quality any number of ways. There are all sorts of codecs, anamorphic picture settings, and other encoding options. But the easiest way to get good results is to just let Handbrake will set the quality details for you.

7. Let Handbrake Do Its Thing. Now, press the Rip button and stand back. If you have multiple titles to rip, simply click “Add to Queue” button to queue these and start task from the “Encode Queue” dialog.

Step 2. Sync newly converted movies to iPad Mini with iTunes

When ripping is done, all that remains is to start iTunes. If you followed my suggestion above, the newly converted movie should be in your Movies folder. If not, you’ll need to import it. From there, just copy the movie to your iPad Mini and start watching!

Before I go, let me pass on a few final tips. First, if you encounter a copyright protected DVD that gives Handbrake trouble, try third-party DVD to iPad Converter software instead. Second.the encoding time will be a few minutes to many hours depending on the length of the video, the hardware in your PC and the settings in your Handbrake.