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Enabling HDR on New iPad Camera

HDR(high dynamic range) is the most powerful feature of the iOS camera and has allowed users to capture incredibly good images with their device even with its reduced resolution.

A high dynamic range image combines a series of photographs, each shot at a different exposure: underexposed where everything is darker, overexposed where it’s lighter, and properly exposed in the middle. The best parts of these images are put together into one shot that brings out details in both the shadows and the highlights—information that would normally be lost in a single exposure though visible to the human eye.

The new iPad has a much improved camera -However, you may be incredibly disappointed that the HDR feature found in your iPhone4 camera has not been enabled on the new iPad. Is HDR feature there for iPad 3rd gen? How do I enable HDR feature on this new device?

The new iPad does not have a built-in HDR setting. Perhaps you could use HDR apps in the iTunes Store to enable it. There are a number third-party of HDR apps already available in the App store, but most HDR apps typically only combine two photos together, not three. Some only take one photo and then add a filter to mimic the HDR look, like the $1.99 HDR Camera app. If you can’t wait until the iOS update is released check out the Pro HDR and TrueHDR apps (both $1.99), which combine two photos with varying results. Also you can also check out Simply HDR for iPad. Simply HDR aims to make the process, well, simpler, by performing the edits on just one photo. This is great for those times when you’re browsing through your Camera Roll and realize that a photo you took the other day might look nice with some HDR processing.

Hope Apple to enable HDR feature on new iPad in the future.