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Fifth-gen iPad, Second-gen iPad Mini May Launch This March

The iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 will likely come out this year said Apple Insider, a leading tech blog on Apple products and updates. Apple will implement a twice-a-year product cycle according to a new rumor, both devices will be thinner and lighter to roll out this March.

“Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets said his checks with industry sources at this week’s CES event in Las Vegas, Nev., indicated both the fifth-generation iPad and second-generation iPad mini will debut this March, just five months after the last update was announced.”

iPad 5 with thinner screen rumors

The iPad 5 will sport a new form factor that’s both thinner and lighter than its predecessor, it will be 4mm shorter, 16mm narrower, and 2mm thinner than the fourth-gen iPad — in other words, it’ll look a lot like the iPad Mini, with its narrower portrait bezel. By losing 2mm in depth, the iPad 5 would be just 7.4mm.

And white did not confirm which of its components would be updated. Apple traditionally introduces a new processor and improved cameras, but if the company is switching to a six-monthly update cycle, it’s unlikely these things would be updated every time.

iPad mini 2 with Retina display rumours

Within days of the iPad mini’s launch date, sources from the supply chain in China said that iPad mini display maker AUO is working on a 2,048 by 1,536 pixel resolution display for a future iPad mini, bringing the pixel density up to Retina standard, giving the device more pixels per inch than the iPad 4 and iPad 3. Looks like all those Apple fans clamouring for a Retina iPad mini 2 are going to get their wish this year.

Whether or not this source is accurate, it is widely expected that Apple will introduce a Retina display iPad mini in the near future. The first iPad mini has received rave reviews, but the downfall mentioned in by most experts is the device’s 1024 by 768 pixel non-Retina display.

The full size iPad has had a Retina display for the two most recent generations, the iPhone has a Retina display, and Apple has even introduced the new MacBook Pro with Retina display, so a resolution boost is the natural progression for the iPad mini.

Our Words

In some ways, seeing yet another iPad update in the coming months is good: if you’ve been waiting for an iPad mini with Retina display, it means you won’t have to wait 12 months for it. But for many users, it’ll take a while for them to get used to seeing their iOS devices replaces by a brand new model every six months.