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Finally, iMovie 11 Supports Transfering Projects from Mac to iPad

Is it possible to start a project in iMovie on my mac, save and transfer it to my iPad2, do some more work on the go, then transfer it back? There’s an open from iTunes option in the iOS vesion of iMovie, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to save an unfinished project to iTunes. Any ideas?

Some readers ever sent us the question, now, good news, Apple finally fixed this glaring problem with an update to iMovie ’11, in version 9.0.4.

Notice how they downplay the importance by stating “This update improves … a number of minor issues, including the following: Support for opening projects imported from iMovie for iOS.”

After the update is installed you will get a new menu option File > Import > iMovie for iOS Project.

We tried to upload the movie I put together in April 2011.

But got an error because the movie wasn’t created with the latest version of iMovie. My iMovie version was the latest (ver 121) and so I re-exported it from my iPad to iTunes. And successfully uploaded my movie.

Although iMovie projects could be exported via iTunes and used with the iOS version of iMovie on other devices, one significant limitation has been the inability of these project files to be imported and used in the desktop version of iMovie. In addition to adding support for iMovie for iOS project, iMovie 9.0.4 for Mac OS X also fixes issues related to audio adjustments and performance issues when working with large quantities of video clips or large iPhoto libraries. The iMovie 9.0.4 update requires iMovie ‘11 and can be downloaded directly from Apple Support or via the Mac OS X Software Update tool.