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Find and Download the Best YouTube Videos on iPad

Every minute, some 100 hours of new video content is uploaded to YouTube. You may really want to know is: “What’s GOING to be the most seen?”, “How to download them to be played offline on my iPad”? Well, here is the tip to help you find and download the best and the hottest YouTube videos and for iPad offline viewing.


YouTube Nation helps you dind the best videos

YouTube is rencently launching a new daily web show that will focus on curating all of the best videos that YouTube has to offer, and it’s called YouTube Nation. YouTube Nation will air every day at 9 PM ET and each episode will run for approximately five minutes each, focusing on helping viewers “discover great creators and channels through daily videos and playlists.” Essentially, YouTube describes it as “a five-minute experience that includes a rich mix of videos, themed playlists, channel creator highlights and fan feedback.”

This is YoTube teamed with DreamWorks Animation to create this daily highlight reel of brand-new, trending and yet-to-be-discovered content. Each YouTube Nation episode will include a playlist full of the videos featured in the episode to make it easy for viewers to watch the videos once they’re done watching the YouTube Nation episode.

Download YouTube videos for iPad offline viewing with 3rd-party tool

Once you’ve found out the the hottest clips with “YouTube Nation”, you may download for offline viewing on iPad.

  1. You won’t be able to do this on your iPad – you’ll need to use your desktop computer – but once you’ve got the videos, you’ll be all set.
  2. Then go to any one of the services or YouTube to iPad apps that allows you to save YouTube videos to your desktop. One that I like is iTube Studio from iSkysoft, which is easy to use yet powerful. Copy the web address of the YouTube movie into the app, choose MP4 for iPad from the drop down and click the start button. When the video is done converting, you can get it from your local computer.
  3. Then, drag the video into iTunes to add it to your iTunes library.
  4. Next, sync your iPad with your computer. In the video section, you should see the video you just downloaded from YouTube. Check the box next to it and then hit the “sync” button in the bottom right corner of the screen. The YouTube video is now saved on your device just like any other video – and you can watch it whenever, and wherever, you want.