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First free iPad app – iBook hits stores on April 3

Apple Inc announced that iPad will hit stores beginning from April 3. An important part of this launch will be the availability of iBook, the first iPad app designed specifically for iPad (and a recycled Apple trademark) The free iPad application turns the iPad into an eBook reader, and comes with the built-in Apple iBookstore, which is an obvious competitor to Amazon’s Kindle Store and Barnes & Noble’s eBookstore.

Though the iBookstore is expected to only support ePub formatted books at first, publishers have already begun to take advantage of the iBooks application. This week Penguin Books gave a rather compelling presentation in London which showed off some of the company’s ideas which trump other eBook offerings by adding a veneer of interactivity. Travel guides from Penguin, for example, include the ability to create trip itineraries and link to GPS maps; children’s books respond to the accelerometer or act as infinitely re-useable coloring books.

If you can’t wait for iBooks app and want to try your hands on any similar app on iPhone or iPod Touch, download and try out Classics app, the original app that inspired the concept of iBooks app. iBooks and Classics share almost similar user interface design with the concept of eBooks reading.