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First Things to Do with Your New iPad Air

Apple’s redesigned fifth-generation iPad goes on sale now. Renamed the iPad Air, the latest slate comes with a slimmer form factor and sheds some weight as well, it is the best full-size consumer tablet on the market. So you’ve just acquired yourself an new iPad Air, congratulations, you hold a great piece of technology in your hands. But as a new owner, you’re probably wondering what you want to do first with it. It’s capable of so much, it might seem like overload trying to get a hang of it and seeing what its true capabilities are. Well, don’t worry. We here at iPadinTouch are committed to helping you out with a few tips on what to do with your device. Following these tips will truly give you the most out of it.


Give your iPad Air a personal touch

The first thing you’ll want to do with your iPad Air is give it a personal touch. Don’t just go with the default options, play around with it and make it feel like it’s really yours. Head into the iPod section and add a few songs through iTunes, with everything from hard rock (Gwar and Five Finger Death Punch) to R & B (some John Legend always hits the right spot) to country (Garth, anyone?) available to choose from. Depending on the capacity of your iPad (ranging from 16 GB to 128 GB) there’s really no limit to the amount of songs you can add. And it’s perfect for taking with you to social get togethers, parties or in the car, where you can easily hook it up to an iPad-compatible car stereo to get the most out of it.

But why stop with just audio? We recently posted a special article talking about how you could set up your own custom wallpaper for your iPad device, with everything from family photos to cool default backdrops available. There’s something out there for everyone, from nature photographs to dazzling planet displays to Maxim.com wallpapers (for the guys, obviously). No matter what you choose, you can set up your ideal setting and cruise through your apps, knowing that it’s the right look for you.

Watch a movie video

Why trouble yourself with a second-rate portable DVD player that costs hundreds of dollars when you hold the ideal movie viewer in your hand? iPad has surpassed DVD Player for Fastest Adoption Rate. The iPad is perfect for watching your favorite movies and TV shows on the go, with a number of options available. The iTunes App Store has hundreds of choices available for both purchase and rent, including new releases and classic favorites. There are plenty of sales as well, so you might just stumble across a film you’d never expect to buy. (That’s exactly what happened with us and The Goonies. Always a favorite.) You can also rip your favorite DVD collections to iPad compatible formats with 3rd-party DVD to iPad Converters.

If you prefer a cheaper option, you can also go with monthly streaming services through two helpful apps. Hulu Plus provides a number of current and classic TV programs from NBC, Fox and other channels, all for a discounted $7.99 a month. If you still prefer more variety, we also recommend Netflix for iPad. This wonderful app lets you access your instant queue almost immediately, as your chosen program downloads in a matter of seconds, depending on your Internet connection. With plenty of new and old favorites to choose from, you’ll find hours worth of content to sift through here. (And if you don’t have a Netflix membership yet, don’t worry — the streaming only plan runs just under $10 a month!)

Get into the game

Move over, Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. There’s a new portable gaming contender in town. Apple’s iPad Air and Retina iPad mini is actually a terrific device when it comes to playing some top-of-the-line games, with hundreds of iPad exclusive titles available, along with a compatible backwards library of iPhone and iPod Touch games. You can get medieval on opponents in the awesome Infinity Blade (pictured above), guide goo balls to victory in the stunning puzzler World of Goo, fight off a horde of the undead in PopCap’s wickedly addictive Plants vs. Zombies HD, fight crime with a web-slinger in Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD, and more. There is literally no end to the gaming fun you can have with your iPad, and you can keep track of your Achievements through Apple’s GameCenter, letting others know just how well you’re doing — and throwing out a few challenges on the side.

Head on over and do some shopping now. There are actually a few sales still going on, so don’t miss out on the chance to take advantage!

Learn something

Don’t worry, parents, the iPad Air can do more than provide your kids with games to play. It’s actually quite an educational machine, with hundreds of apps aimed at teaching people of all ages things they’d never thought they would learn. For instance, one of the App Store’s most popular offerings, Star Walk, is an outstanding study into astrology, as you can travel through the universe and check out some sweet star constellations, while learning a thing or two about the galaxy. Also well worth recommending is The Elements, a guide that walks you through the entire elemental table, with all kinds of technical details that you scientific nerds (we mean that in a kind way) will adore. There are also other helpful apps available, including ones that could help out your job in terms of stock tracking, script writing and more. The possibilities are nearly endless.

We hope this guide has certainly helped you out, and we’re just getting started. Later we’ll be posting more helpful how-to’s to make your new iPad mini more useful right out of the box.