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Five Basic Tips to Improve AirPlay Mirroring

AirPlay Mirroring is iOS platform’s celebrated wireless streaming facility. Apple introduced the feature on iPad 2 last year and now it is available on all recent iOS versions and iDevices including the iPhone 4S. AirPlay Mirroring is meant to allow iDevice users to stream content to Apple TV. Users can not only stream HD videos or images to Apple TV, but also they can play games making iPhone or iPad as a remote thanks to AirPlay Mirroring. Indeed, it becomes a great feature with its capability to put an iOS device connected with an Apple TV for multiple purposes. Though featured as a prosperous capability, AirPlay Mirroring is reported to have several deficiencies like network missing, slowness and others. Here we tell you some simple tips to let you enjoy AirPlay Mirroring at its full strength.

Place network router closer to the system

It is a very important thing that your devices should receive better network signals. If you place your Wi-Fi router somewhere distant to the Apple TV, it is sure you will miss network signals. The only way to manage the problem is to place the wireless network router near to the entertainment system. For example, if you use CAT 5 or 6 Ethernet cable, you should place its wireless Access Point near your Apple TV so as to ensure stable network signals.

Look for wireless network interference

This is yet another critical thing you should take care of. In order to ensure proper functioning of AirPlay Mirroring, you should eliminate all wireless network interferences. If you live in a jam-packed area, it is a must that you should often check for wireless network interference of the networks. Airwaves often get crowded in densely populated urban areas. So it should be checked with special attention in help of respective software items.

Make sure your network is not busy with other work

Maybe, your network will be performing okay, but it will be too busy with some other tasks. You may be in efforts to play Galaxy On Fire 2 HD using AirPlay Mirroring putting your laptop and desktop to download or upload some heavy HD videos. It will certainly end up in mess of your AirPlay Mirroring gaming.

Turn off Bluetooth of your iOS device

It is a very basic lesson that you should turn off your iDevice’s Bluetooth while streaming content via AirPlay Mirroring. It is because both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 802.11 are managed by the same interface and the share nearby antennas. Hence, if you keep Bluetooth on, it will be an extra task for your iPhone or iPad, which will end up in the slow performance of streaming.

Use Ethernet cable for Apple TV’s connectivity

The best connectivity option for your Apple TV in wireless interfacing is the one you get through Ethernet cable. Other than your high-end 802.11n Wi-Fi router, a wired connection will provide more consistent signals, which will, of course, be free from wireless interferences and signal missing.

These are five simple steps to enjoy faultless AirPlay Mirroring on your iDevice. Analysts suggest many more tips to solve the issues you may face while attempting to stream content via AirPlay Mirroring. Anyway, if you follow these steps it will be enough to get you out of most of problems related with AirPlay Mirroring.

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