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Fixing Your Shaky Video on Your iPad

Even if Apple keeps improving the camera on your iPad, your videos are not going to be any better if you don’t have a steady pulse or a tripod. There are two apps that help you to fix shaky video and stabilise your videos on your iPad directly.

Fix Shaky iPad video with iMovie

As a renowned amateur video editing tool, iMovie [iTunes link] must is the first choice for Apple customers for editing video. To fix shaky video, iMovie actually works by analyzing every single frame in a video clip and comparing each frame nearby to recognize the changes in movement up, down, left or right and more, after the analysis, the editor then slide or rotate the video footage to iron out the shakes. If you newly import some video clips into the event, iMovie can only analyze the new ones which are not analyzed once you re-choose Analyze for Stabilization.

Fix shaky iPad video with Movie Stiller

Movie Stiller [iTunes Link] allows you to pick any video from your iPad library and give it a pro treatment. Let’s be fair, when the your clips are too shaky because it has been windy outside or you were filming from a car, they are going to be pretty bad. Movie Stiller doesn’t work miracles, but it will help you to get a decent result. The secret behind its technology lies in analysing every single frame and align the main subject to create the illusion of a stable image. The app simply corrects your video removing that annoying vibration typical in mobile cameras.

For such two technical apps, the controls are comprehensive and you feel in control of the process at any time.You can play a bit while stabilization to obtain a perfect result.