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Flash Comes to iPad with Frash Hack

Yesterday, i’ve added a post about  Moyea SWF to iPad Converter Makes Flash SWF Video Visible on iPad. Now here is another good news: Flash Is Coming to the iPad – As “Frash”, Jailbreak Only.

Apple don’t want it on there, but where there is a will there is a way it seems. Soon iPad users will be able to use Adobe’s Flash to watch Flash videos on the web if they are prepared to install an unofficial workaround for the Apple tablet.

Created by Comex, the same coder that created the Spirit untethered jailbreak tool for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Frash, as it will be called, has been created by a port from the Adobe Flash for Android offering.

“Frash can currently run most Flash programs natively in the MobileSafari browser,” says Comex in the description for the YouTube video created to show the hack in action.

Currently only runing on the iPad, Comex says he hopes support for other devices (3GS+ only due to technical restrictions) will come shortly. Support for iOS 4 is also planned.

Comex is promising a release of the hack for jailbroken devices when Frash is stable. We will see.