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Free Apps to Watch NCAA March Madness on the iPad

March is the month that college basketball takes center stage for sports fans. The NCAA selects its finest Division I teams and they battle it out until one team takes the title. So are you looking for a way to take March Madness with you when you leave the house? Well there are free March Madness apps apps that’ll let you watch the action live on your iPad device.

March Madness Live  (Free)

This is the official app to watch the March Madness games live on your iOS device. March Madness Live app will stream all 67 games from CBS, TBS, TNT and truTV to your iPad. The app also includes social features, such as making your picks in Capital One’s Bracket Challenge and joining the conversation on Twitter.

The games played on CBS will be free for anyone to stream, but for the games on TBS, TNT and truTV, you will need to log in to your cable provider to prove you are a paid subscriber to these networks. The app includes a 4-hour pass before you need to log in. The app will stream games across Wi-Fi or 3G/4G.

theScore (Free)

theScore is your go-to app for keeping track of March Madness scores. With a focus on alerts, the app lets you know when a game begins, when it ends and gives you the halftime score. It also alerts you when there is an upset in progress so you can jump on and catch the action.

Thuuz (Free)

Thuuz is an app that tracks the hottest sporting events and alerts you as they are happening. The sports feed in the app shows the latest scores, the best games and your friends statuses. You can tap on a game and see the score and all the stats.

You can also visit the NCAA’s website streams each and every game live on iPad, no matter whether it airs on cable or CBS. If you have any other free apps to follow college basketball during the NCAA March Madness tournament, please let us with your comments.