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Free World Cup App

There’s no doubt that the world has been wrought with a heavy case of World Cup fever. Every Twitter feed seems to have some mention about the World Cup–even from those who vehemently hate soccer–and the Internet is bustling with Vuvuzela memes. Well, we figured we’d take this Free World Cup App opportunity to outfit your Apple products with the most relevant World Cup applications, especially since the quarter finals are upon us and now the games are really getting good.

Free World Cup App for iPad – Vuvuzela 2010

Yeah, vuvuzela has been all the meme rage these days, but trust us when we say that you want it on the iPad. This totally gratis app will most definitely make you feel like you’re at the game. The sound is positively annoying, so don’t dare put on headphones to try it out. You can customize the colors of your awful noise maker to match your team and even hold down your finger on the instrument to keep the sound long and strong.

Tip: if you’re just not interested in a vuvuzela app taking space on your iPad, you can check another top World Cup iPad Apps

Free World Cup App for iPhone – ESPN World Cup Trivia by Bing

If you’re a big fan of soccer, then check out this fabulously free World Cup Trivia game from Bing. It’s a great way to keep things interesting after the game ends, or in between commercials.

We should warn you that the app requires that you download the Bing app to be able to use it. But that’s okay! Because the Bing app is free and it’s kind of cool, too.

Free World Cup App for Mac – World Cup Fixtures 1.0

If you don’t already have this installed on your Mac, get on it. This is the official World Cup 2010 roster with all the games you need to follow. If you think this is a little late, don’t worry. Each game in the finals will be updated to show you which teams are playing against each other. Typing this up makes us really excited for the final game.