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Getting Homemade DVD to iPad iMovie to Facebook

Reader Ivan swears that the following issue:

All I want to do is take homemade video of my concert performance from a DVD, get it into iPad iMovie, edit clips, and post the clips on Facebook. How do I do that? Thanks.

Well, the first step is to extract video from your DVD. The tool to use is the DVD to iPad Converter. You can select the desired product and these 3rd-party tools were designed to extract and convert video from DVDs to iPad compatible format, which can be imported to iMovie as well.

Once you’ve selected and downloaded your copy, launch it, and in the window that appears, select the DVD, choose the VIDEO_TS folder, and click on Open. DVD to iPad Converter will scan the DVD and seek out the main title. If there’s just the one title, you’re in business. If not, click on the Title pop-up menu and choose that main title.

In the ourput pane choose the iPad HD preset and click the Convert button. By default DVD to iPad Converter will save the resulting H.264 movie to your computer.

Now launch iMovie app from iPad and create a new project (File -> New Project). From the File menu choose Import -> Movies. If an HD Import Setting window appears, choose the option to import the Full – Original Size movie and click OK. In the sheet that appears, navigate to the movie you just ripped with Handbrake and click Import. iMovie will go about its business and eventually import the clip—either into an existing event or a new event, if you’ve chosen that option.

Now that it’s in iMovie you can work your editing magic on it to create clips. When you’re satisfied with your work, choose Share -> Facebook, enter your Facebook login information, choose the export resolution of your clip, click Next, and upload your clip.