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Gifting a New iPad for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is the one time a year designated to show the show the most important women in our lives just how much we care,but so often our gifts miss the mark. Forget the flowers! This year mom has her eyes on tech gadgets.

A new survey from TechBargain says that mothers want tech for this Mother’s Day, and most of them want an iPad over everything else. In the survey, 91 percent of mothers said they’d prefer an iPad to flowers for Mother’s Day. We assume the other 9 percent already have an iPad of their own.

Apple has grandiosely claimed that the new iPad is creating an entirely new tablet product, and I think they’re right. iPads aren’t going to replace laptops and high-end desktop machines for folks who need to develop software, edit video, or wrangle complicated financial data on a daily basis. But most consumers like moms don’t need to do that stuff, when they’re away from their workplace and work tasks, use their computers to surf the Web, read emails, and enjoy photos, music, and video.

Now getting a new iPad alone would be tacky. There’s little thought behind it. Why not go the extra mile and customize an iPad for her? This will take some legwork, however. But who cares. This is for Mom, right?


Let’s start with photos. Just picture the look on Mom’s face as she peruses through pictures of all her loved ones — you, your siblings, her grandkids, and other family. Photos on the iPad 2 are organized by albums, events, faces and places. While you can certainly choose to sync all of your photos from iPhoto, that may not make the most sense for everyone. For instance, you may be limited on space, and there may also be many photos that you may not want Mom to see — for example, of you chugging on a beer bong during your rowdy college days.

The iPad 2 also makes a great digital picture frame, which Mom can place on her desk or bookshelf when she’s not using it. The picture frames settings on the iPad are accessible via “settings” and tapping on “picture frame.” There, you can choose transitions, zoom, whether you want to shuffle photos, and whether you want to display photos from a specific album. To get Mom to use her iPad as a digital picture frame, she just needs to tap on the photos icon (a flower) when the iPad is in lock position.

Video or Movies

You and your siblings have all these videos of firsts for your kids — first steps, first words, first anything — and would like to share them with Mom. Only problem is, everyone is scattered in different cities and states, making it difficult for her to see her grandkids.

Some of these moments are captured on video, or burned on DVD, and one of the best ways to put movies on the iPad 2. Just convert the videos or DVD movies to iPad supported formats with 3rd party software. Now, whenever a new video is available, Mom can see them anywhere and anytime.


Everyone loves music. Yes, even Mom, who probably went to her fair share of concerts and had a wild time (which she won’t discuss) during her youth. If you happen to know or have access to your Mom’s music library, great. You can import them into iTunes if you have the CDs, or you can purchase some of her favorite songs in iTunes. But if you’re not exactly sure of her taste, an iTunes gift card is a good option. She can use this to buy some of her favorite songs, movies, books (through the iBook store) and apps.

And Lastly…

Setup a calendars! No one likes to forget a birthday, special event or special day. While Mom may not throw birthday parties for you at Chuck E. Cheese’s anymore, it’s nice to remind her that your birthday (and everyone else’s) is coming up. Although you can certainly setup a calendar and manually enter events on the iPad, entering them on iCal or Google Calendar is also an option.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to buy a case — preferably one that stands up, so she can use it as a picture frame.  Just tie a red bow around it and you’re all set.