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Gifting an iPad 2 for College-Bound High School Student

As your child is getting ready to graduate from high school and move on to college, you will want to make sure they have everything they need to make taking that next step in life as painless as possible.This is an exciting time in the life of a young adult. The perfect high school graduation gift will enhance the transition and will give your child some of the tools necessary for success. Right?

Well, iPad is the great gift for college-bound high school student

iPad 2 is a great compact computer that has a lot of the same tools as computers available as well as other features that make them very useful to students.  iPad 2 is light weight making it the most accessible to carry everywhere, but still has a big enough screen to work from. iPad 2 can be found for great prices giving them an advantage over many computers. An iPad 2 will not be able to completely replace a computer but it is still very useful. It is the top high school graduation gift because students will use it for school work, reading, research as well as for entertainment giving them a much needed break. It is appealing from every angle and is a great gift for a college freshman.

The Cameras

Obviously, the students aren’t going to be using this as your party camera, unless they’re a huge tool.  Even so, the front-facing camera will be great for video chatting with their parents, or friends who are studying abroad. If the students use the iPad in class for note taking (perhaps with the help of a bluetooth keyboard), then the rear camera could be useful for recording part of a lecture.  Obviously, there aren’t many laptops with rear-facing HD cameras, so this is sets the tablet apart for in-class use.  The rear camera also takes stills, but Apple is mum on its resolution.  It’s likely the same camera used on the iPod Touch, and its 960×720 stills might not be sufficient for capturing a white board from the back of a room.


The A5 processor will display web pages faster, games and movies on iPad 2 are going to look fantastic. Unrelated to education, I know, but there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun with their new toy. I know from experience that the original iPad tends to chug when rendering large PDF files in Goodreader, but this is really the only big difference in terms of traditional educational applications.  The new iMovie and GarageBand apps look like they’ll work great with the faster processor behind them, and they could come in handy for niche class projects, but most people are going to keep using a computer for audio or video editing.

Let’s just hear what collage student say how useful the iPad 2 is.

“The iPad is NOT a laptop replacement. Not yet anyway.. A friend of mine has 1 and 2, and while typing on the iPad 2 is easier thanks to a flat back, Its best you get a cheaper laptop as the iPad 2 is like a big iPod touch. Its designed for web browsing and apps, stuff like that. Get a vaio laptop as apple is too expensive, as they have great quality, and offer great value for money.”

“iPad 2 is better if you want to carry it around and use it on the move for surfing chatting facebooking tweeting…”

“I use an iPad for school (typing notes, assignments etc) and I think it’s pretty great, I also have an ancient Macbook (which is more like a desktop now) that I use to sync and update and backup my iPad.
Unless you have somewhere to sync it and to save your documents then I would just get a laptop if you can.
Even a Macbook air is small in size if thats what you want.”

Summing it Up

the iPad 2 is the safest choice for the student in a rapidly-changing market.  Just gifting an iPad 2 for collage-bound high school student.