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Google Updates YouTube for iPad and iPhone 5

Alongside today’s big Gmail iOS update, Google’s rolled out an update to its YouTube app that adds support for iPads and iPhone 5.

The iPad version of YouTube has a similar feel to the iPhone version and is very polished and smooth. On the left, there is a sidebar that gives quick access to your profile settings, subscriptions, and YouTube categories. For each video, you can see a list of other suggested videos, get the video info, and leave and view comments.

In addition to optimization for the iPhone 5 and iPad, YouTube now support AirPlay so that you can seamless stream videos to your Apple TV or other AirPlay supported devices. Some other new features include the ability to open your Guide of channels by tapping the YouTube logo and add and remove videos from your playlists. Links included in video descriptions are now also clickable and accessibility with VoiceOver has been improved.

YouTube was once a built-in application on iOS from the very first iPhone. Apple removed it, along with Google Maps in iOS 6, which came out in September. While Apple provided its own replacement for maps, the removal of the built-in YouTube app meant that users needed to head to YouTube’s mobile Web site to browse and search for videos, while the uploading features remained in Apple’s built-in video recording tools.

I am very pleased with this update. My favorite feature of the YouTube is iPad support, as I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time.Head on over to the App Store now to download the official iOS YouTube app.