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Great Father’s Day 2011 Gift Ideas for the Dad Who Love Movies

For dads who love watching movies, it has never been easier to find thoughtful, fun gifts Dad will use all year long. This year, consider these fun Father’s day gifts for the movie-loving dad.


A no-brainer, buying a dad who loves movies new flicks is sure to be a hit. Consider his taste in films and also where his personal collection could use a bit of variety. Also consider upgrading older versions of his favorite films to DVD or even Blu-Ray technology so he can enjoy his greatest hits in vibrant color. Also consider planning an evening of movies and popcorn with new Dad classics like these top 5 Father’s Day Movies that feature hard working, fun, or just plain groovy dads doing their thing. Also consider gift sets of classic movie or television series so Dad can have the whole set for his next movie marathon. Finally, consider buying him collector’s editions of his absolute favorite films so he has a backup copy just in case.

Electronics and iPad Gadget

It may just be time to upgrade Dad’s home entertainment system with a new DVD or Blu-Ray DVD player, so he can get the highest quality viewing experience. Or maybe Dad needs a new flat screen television to bring his film experience to vibrant life. Dads who juggle multiple remote controls will appreciate receiving a universal remote controller that consolidates the different gadgets he controls. Also consider purchasing an iPad so Dad can take his personal show on the road and have movies at the ready for any occasion.

DVD Ripping Software

For movie lovers with big DVD libraries, DVD Ripper software can help them convert DVDs into iPad and iPhone compatible video files on Mac. There are many programs such as Handbrake and Imtoo DVD Ripper for Mac that do this, ranging from free to those that cost $20-$40. They vary in output quality, so try a free download and then make the right choice.

Film Storage

For the dad who is still keeping up with several different mediums for his favorite films, like DVDs, VHS tapes, and laser discs, a new storage system may be exactly what he has been hoping for. As an extra special touch, you can give him a voucher good for an afternoon of your time to help him organize and catalog his extensive film collection.