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Handbrake iPad Profile Settings

Reader Machel Chan recently posted us this question:

I am trying Handbrake for putting some video recordings onto my iPad. There is no option at present for selecting iPad profile for the output format.  Have you used Handbrake successfully for an iPad?  I would appreciate knowing what profile settings you used ? Thank you.

Well, the short answer is this: you can use Apple TV preset for playback on iPad or Apple TV, or use iPhone & iPod touch preset if you want to play output videos on all Apple devices.

Handbrake iPad Profile Settings using Apple TV Preset (recommended)

iPad and Apple TV can handle higher resolution, so we recommend use Apple TV preset if you want to make the most of your iPad’s HD feature and watch HD videos on your iPad. Besides, the iPad supports 720p 30fps video, so a good maximum resolution would be 1280×720.

1. Import DVD or Video to Handbrake
2. Select Apple TV preset
If you want to rip commercial DVDs, Blu-ray DVD movies excluded, the Apple TV preset is fine. If you need to convert HD videos, you can raise the resolution to 1280 width in picture settings.

3. That’s it. Just click the Start icon and let handbrake handle the rest for you.

Handbrake Settings for iPad using iPhone & iPod touch Preset

If you want your video to play on all Apple devices, you can use iPod preset. The output file size will be smaller than Apple TV preset, but the picture won’t be as good as Apple TV preset. Converting DVD movies and videos to iPad with iPhone & iPod touch preset is similar to using Apple TV preset. Just raise the resolution to 480 height and the output video will work on all Apple.

Note: If you don’t want to bother changing settings for your iPad, you can consider getting the best DVD to iPad converters and best iPad video converters we tested and reviewed, which all provide optimized profiles for iPad. Easily convert DVD movies and any format videos to iPad format, without worrying about all the settings.