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Happy Holidays from iPadinTouch!

On behalf of all of iPadinTouch’s Editors,  happy holidays to you and your lovers. We will be on a limited publication schedule through the holiday weekend as we celebrate with our families and friends.

We hope you’re able to open up whatever new iPad, iPhone, or accessory you wanted over the next few days. If you didn’t happen to get anything Apple iPad-related, if you’re looking for a way to spend last-minute shopping money, or if you’re looking to spend some money you received as a gift, here are a few sections where you might find helpful tips.

Our 2014 iPad Holiday Buying Guide, with gift ideas, gift-giving accessory and software suggestions.
12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas for iPad Lovers
, covering the 12 gift ideas suggestions.
iPadinTouch’s Best DVD to iPad Converters Review
and Best iPad Video Converters Review, for software purchasing recommendations to iPad owners to enjoy DVD movie and videos on the go.
iPad Mini Entertainment Guide, for helpful guides to all things Apple iPad.

Thanks again, and enjoy your holiday weekend!