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How to Attach Multiple Photos and Videos in iOS 6 Mail App

Previously,once you began composing an e-mail, you’d have to leave Mail, copy the photo from the Photos app, then return to Mail to paste the photo in the message. Alternatively, you would have to begin the e-mail from the Photos app by selecting a single photo to send. Neither method was convenient.

Now there’s a practical way to attach these photos or videos in iOS 6. It’s simple and much convenient. The best way to send photos, prior to iOS 6 is to launch the Photo app and select the files and tap the sharing button via email. One of the features of iOS 6 included an intuitive photo stream. That’s not all, iOS 6 allows users to send files using this direct insert method for multiple video, (more than five videos) in a few taps.

To attach multiple videos or photos:

1. Launch the iOS 6 Mail app.

2. Tap Compose button found at the bottom right corner

3. Tap and hold in the body text.

4. From there, you will see an option to Select, Select All, Paste.Tap the arrow on the right side located next to Paste.You will see the “Insert Photo or Video” option.

5. Select Insert Photo or Video. You will then see your Camera Roll and Photo Stream, allowing you to select the media you’d like to attach to the e-mail.

The attachment will then be placed in the e-mail and sent to the recipient.

Better late than never, right?