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How to Automatically Backup Your iPad Photos and Videos to Dropbox

That moment of panic when you realize your iPad crashed (or something worse) and your photos or videos are lost. Hundreds or even thousands of images can be lost in a split second in disastrous ways we don’t even want to think about. That’s why backing up is the only way to ensure you have extra copies of your files stored elsewhere just in case. One of the popular apps for backing up files is Dropbox.

Dropbox includes an online storage element that provides 2GB for free. You might not be aware of the fact that you can also have your iPad device upload photos and videos to your Dropbox automatically. This saves you time from manually having to upload, and provides a good backup solution for the files in addition to any other backup strategy you may have. Here’s how to set up the automatic upload.


Step 1, Install Dropbox On To Your iOS Device

Launch the iOS App Store from your device and search for “Dropbox.” Tap on the Install icon and enter enter your password if it is required.

Step 2, Provide your login information

Next click the Dropbox icon on your screen, you’ll see a welcome message with two options to select either logging in as a Dropbox user or creating a free account as a new user.

Step 3, Configure Camera Upload

When you log in to Dropbox for the first time, you’ll be asked if you want to save your photos to Dropbox . It  will ask if Camera Upload should be used, and if the user wants to use it over Only Wi-Fi (useful if unlimited data is not available) or Wi-Fi + Cell (if unlimited data is available).

After making the selection, tap Enable in the upper right. The app will continue to load and automatically begin uploading photos and videos from the iPad.

Your photos and videos will now be synced to all your devices. Not only will you have access to your photos in your pocket all the time, but you’ll also be able to reach your photos from your Mac, Windows or Linux computer as well as all your mobile devices.