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How to Connect iPad to WiFi Networks

While some iPad models offer always-on 3G internet connections, the fastest way to get your iPad online is via WiFi. WiFi, a high-speed wireless networking connection, can be found in your office, home, and coffee shops and restaurants. Some WiFi networks are public and available to anyone (though some of these require a fee of some kind). Others are private and password protected.

Access the Internet using WiFi on the iPad by following these steps.

Here’s How:

  1. From the iPad’s Homescreen, tap Settings. (This assumes you didn’t rearrange your apps. If you did, find the Settings icon wherever you put it.)
  2. In the Settings screen, tap Network.
  3. To start the iPad scanning for available wireless networks, tap the WiFi button and then slide the slider to “on”. In a few seconds, you’ll see a list of all the networks near you, whether they’re public or private (if you don’t see the list, there may not be any within range).
  4. The list of WiFi networks you’ll see will include two kinds: public and private. Private networks have a lock icon next to them; Public don’t. The bars next to each network indicate the strength of the connection – more bars means a faster connection.

    To connect to a public network, just tap the network name and you’ll be online.

  5. If you want to access a private network, you’ll need a password. Assuming you’ve got the password, tap the network name and enter it the password. Then tap the “join” button at the bottom right of the screen. If your password is correct, you’ll connect to the network and be surfing the web. If not, try entering it again (assuming you’ve got the right one, of course).
  6. Advanced users can click the arrow to the right of the network to access more technical configuration settings. Everyday users probably won’t need to look at these options.

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