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How to Import and Convert YouTube Video to Edit in iPad iMovie

The iPad edition of iMovie is a slick, easy-to-use, inexpensive video editing tool. But it’s designed only to edit video shot with the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

If you have video from YouTube, you need to do a little work to import it for editing with iMovie on the iPad. This appears to be because the hardware video chips inside these devices are tuned to very specific file types. This is why iMovie on the iPad can process video faster than a Mac. It is also why iMovie is so fickle about the video formats it will accept.

Even if video can be played back on the iPad, iMove likely can’t see it. To fix this, you need first to download and convert the YouTube video into the right format, and then introduce it gently to iMovie in just the right way. Here this article introduces the easy steps to download and convert YouTube videos to edit in iMovie on iPad.

Step 1: Free downloading or saving YouTube video to your computer

Today, there are several online websites that allow you to enter the URL of the video you wish to save to your computer, and quickly get a link to download the file. Below is a short list of some of the more popular free websites.


And below is a brief description of how to do this.

  1. Go to the YouTube video page and copy the URL of the video you wish to save. For example, below is a URL to a video on YouTube.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3ymHMgFAps
  2. Once this address has been copied, visit one of the above pages and paste that URL into the text field, then hit the submit or download button.
  3. If done properly, the page should open a new window or display a link that can be clicked to start the download of the video file. Click that link and save the file.

As many of the pages state, you’ll have to save the file with a name and an extension that ends with .flv. If you did not save the file with .flv at the end you can right-click the file after it’s been downloaded and rename the file so it ends with .flv.

Step 2: Converting YouTube video to iMovie format

To import YouTube video to edit in iPad imovie, the trick is to turn the file into a MP4 format and then syncing the converted file back to your iPad.  For this, we’ve set up the 3rd-party iPad Video Converters to convert any video(including AVI and HD AVI) into an MP4 file that will play perfectly on the iPad.  From the top-rated iPad video converter reviews , iSkysoft Video Converter for Mac  and Wondershare Video Converter (for Windows) which are all-in-one solution that provide optimized presets for your iPad so you don’t need to worry about the settings for your iPad.

Below is a brief description of how to do this.

  1. Drag & drop or click + button add YouTube videos to the program. Or go to “File” menu, choose “Add Files” to locate the YouTube videos you want to add.
  2. Select “MP4” from profile dropdown list.
  3. Hit the Convert button in the top toolbar to start YouTube video to iMovie conversion.

That’s it. Now You need to get the file onto the iPad.

Step 3: Transfer to iPad.

You may think that you could just drop the file iMovie’s file-transfer area in iTunes, but that would be too easy. That appears to be meant only for getting iMovie project out of the iPad to work on in desktop iMovie.

What you need is iPhoto.

Add the movie to iPhoto, preferably putting it into a special folder. Then flip back to iTunes and plug in your iPad. In the “Photos” section of the iPad sync screen, make sure “Include videos” is checked, and make sure that your folder is either checked to be synced, or you have chosen to sync everything from iPhoto. Hit sync.